About Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS)

Centre for Air Power Studies (CAPS) was established in 2001 as an autonomous defence research and analysis body for research and focused analyses on issues related to national security, defence, and aerospace issues in the evolving strategic and international security environment. Its objective is to facilitate greater understanding of these issues amongst the Armed Forces, the strategic community and the public besides contributing to policy generation and decision-making.

CAPS has a multidisciplinary faculty with rich expertise in security and defence fields, who undertake quality research work in analysing the complex multi – dimensional trends in warfare, with special focus on air and space power, its deployment for civil and military purposes, doctrines and strategies, and non-traditional security issues of environment, energy security and military history.

CAPS research faculty comprises senior retired and serving Armed Forces officers from the three services besides academic scholars from national universities and retired members from the diplomatic community. CAPS also conducts brief orientation capsules for Armed Forces and officers of security and technological organisations.